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Medieval Kingdom Wars Cheat Codes

28 March 2018, Wednesday, 2:05:48

Cheat Codes

– Cheat commands for Campaign map:

/merchant – gives 10 of each trade item
/silver – gives 5000 silver


– Cheat commands for Skirmish:

/food – gives 1000 food to all players
/wood – gives 1000 wood to all players
/stone – gives 1000 stone to all players
/iron – gives 1000 iron to all players


Note: This will add a Cheater icon to the campaign in the main menu, and disable all achievements. Using cheats will also disable any upcoming MMO features of the campaign – like ability to fight CoOp or PvP battles, or participate in the player driver economy.

The cheats will not work in multiplayer of-course.


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