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Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator – Crafting Items

15 May 2018, Tuesday, 17:47:18

Crafting Items

-You can craft anywhere, but you only have access to your warehouse items while in your house.

-Use tab to open inventory. You will see a list of subjects to craft (resources, crafting, misc) – note, there is a red line there, you can scroll left and right.

-Select item you want to craft – it will show the required inputs.

-Get the inputs into your inventory (pull from warehouse, buy from other vendors, pick up from ground).

-Once you have everything, the green craft bar should highlight. Push that to craft.

-HINT: You can queue up multiple things to craft at once. You do not have to wait on the screen while things are being crafted.

-One of the things you can make are work/craft tables. Craft a work table like you would any other item.

-To use a work table – you must ‘consume’ it. Select it from your inventory, then click on consume.

-The first time you consume a work table of a specific kind, it will unlock a new option in the craft menu.

-Some items require a specific crafting level to make them. They will have a ‘tier’ followed by a number, at the bottom of the item description box.

-To raise your level, you need to craft lower level items of the same ‘kind’ (low level foods to unlock higher cooking items).

-HINT: Not all crafted things will increase the profit of things. (sticks vs logs)



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