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Meltys Quest – Achievements Guide

29 October 2017, Sunday, 21:14:29



My Quest Begins Here!
Give rudolf a Red potion

The Start Of A Very Beautiful Journey
Lose to a goblin

Helllooo Nurse
Equip Outfit from Gobbers

Yay. Now I’ve Done It Twenty Times
Have 20 Children (The S.level stat helps keep track)

Princess of Kingdom Come
100 o.rgasm (Not jealous)

Lucky Sevens
Not sure which stats are required but I got it by losing to:
Yeti X3
Orc x7
Lizardman x1

From pure 0s

Why not I suppose.
When Zanelli realizes he enjoys being NTRd, its the fourth option.

Syrup comes in all types.
Just read all of garnets letters, its quite funny

That was Fun
Jump into the whirlpool

Defeat the optional Cenus

My Battle Outfit
Equip the Babydoll nighties

Birthday Suit
Remove your outfit (69 Slevel)

Rothstein the Hero
Get any of the good endings

Pure Princess
Complete the game with 0 Slevel

Unlock all 6 endings

The True Succubus Devil
Defeat Esmeralda

Kogal Powah!
Defeat the final boss in True Princess mode

Sachinama’s Favorite
Equip the JK outfit

Love Conquers All
Beat the final boss with only love beam and love wave for attacks.
(Kind of annoying, make sure you equip silence immunity)

A Girl’s First Iron Ore
Gather an Iron!

Sword of Kings
The Metal Kings sword Dropped from Metal king Slime in the last dungeon with cyclops.

Home Sweet Home
Finish building the castle

Slayer of Chickens

Rest In Pieces
Defeat Khan

This is gonna be handy.
Learn a skill from an item
I have found only one item that gives a skill, and thats the toy you get from goldio’s secretary

A Guide to the Galaxy
Not 100% sure which one is the secret outfit, but my assumption is the *itchhiker

Fit For A Hero
Access the final dungeon

Old Foes New Challenges
NG+ True Princess, Beat Gobbler

Graduation Congratulations
Succubus outfit event in the succubus forest.



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