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Meltys Quest – Equip List


Equip List


Princess Dress: Starting outfit

Adventurer: Starting outfit

Nurse Uniform: Defeat Gobbers

Chinese Dress: Defeat Limey

Nun Habit: Craftable Tamlyns

Miko Dress: Craftable Tamlyns

Gym Clothes: Defeat Pietra

Gorlido Military Uniform: Beat Esmeralda at the start of the game on NG+

Maid Uniform: Start the Goldio Questline, Craftable Tamlyn’s Dresses

Office Suit: Gift from Goldio when promoted (During Castle building side quest)

Ninja Uniform: Craftable Succubus Village

Bikini Armo: Craftable Tamlyn

Wizard Outfit: Craftable Tamlyn

Succubus Suit: Defeat the duo succubus bosses

Latex Suit: Craftable Tamlyn

Babydoll Nightest: Craftable Succubus Village

Apron: Defeat Lilf

Wet Towel: First town, side of the church, must complete Painter side quest.

Rope of Slutitde: Reward Khan

Leopard Print Bikini: Craftable Tamlyn

JK clothes: Craftable Tamlyn

Purity dress: Reward Succubus Village

*itchhicker: Reward Seer




Fruit Knife: First town

Soldier’s Spear: First town

Gladius: First Town

Deck Scrub: Atelier Keith

Big Mallet: Atlier Kieth

Lizardman Sword: Common Lizardman drop

Golden Dagger: Atelier Kieth

Crimson Sickle: Ema Drop

Spear of Ice: Gudio

Sonic Dagger: Gudio

Melty’s Sword: Gudio

Mini Slime tower: Limey NG+

Werewolf claws: Grandma Werewolf

Metal King’s Sword: Metal Slime

Gobblers Syringe: Gobbler

Knuckle Duster: Gudio

Kogal Powah Sword: Gudio




Ruby Ring

Wooden bracelet

Rookie earring (Confuse Immunity)

Rope Collar (+20 Hp)

Doll Ribbon (Poison Immune, MP+2)

Safe Delivery Charm (Raises Children chance?)

Medal (Resist Fire, wind, ice)

Ring of Slutitude (seer reward, High Eros Attack)

Cenus Strap (Silence Immune, Resist Wind)

Bandage (Poison, Resist Fire)

Straw Figure (Resist Charm)


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