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Meltys Quest Game Walkthrough

29 October 2017, Sunday, 20:55:39


Game Walkthrough

Walkthrough Part 1

Getting started.
When starting you have two modes:
Kogal Mode
Princess Mode (Eventually replaced by True Princess)
Kogal Mode is the equivalent of Normal Difficulty.
1. Ending is tied to difficulty so don’t worry about getting bad ends.
2. Normal makes it easier to get through the game and grind.

Princess Mode is the games hard mode
1. The main difference is you cant leave dungeons after killing a monster (provided boss hasn’t been beaten).
2. If you decide you don’t like it, speak to the king in the starting town to lower the difficulty with no punishment.

True Princess mode
1. Can only be started in NG+
2. Enemies are stronger and bosses have new gimmicks.
3. Can expect to lose out of sheer surprise, even on NG+

For your first run, any mode is fine.

Pre Dungeon 1
After getting Rudolf the red potion. Please head to the weapon shop and buy the Fruit Knife or you wont be able to hurt enemies in the first dungeon. Afterwords, head out of town and go to the top left for the first dungeon.

Dungeon 1 [Goodyvis Quarry]
Boss : Gobblers
HP 60
Mp 0
Attack 22
Defense 5
Weakness : Water

The Main idea of this dungeon is teaching you how to learn costume abilities. Killing enemies give you outfit EXP and successfully completing an outfit gives you an ability. Maxing the adventurer outfit gives you water shot, which you need to defeat the first boss. You may need to level up a few to have enough MP to defeat the boss and if your on princess mode that means you WILL lose. This will be the same process to follow for all dungeons

Another Tip, you can level up the Princess outfit for 50% gold passive (and beating enemies with it equipped is another 50%). However it has less defense than the adventurer outfit.

Completing this dungeon rewards you the Nurse outfit. Flip the switch to open the path downstairs, this area will give you 5 stones and can be reset really fast simply by walking outside and coming back again. This will be helpful later on.

When you’re finished head to Carpenter Jimmy’s house and build the bridge

Dungeon 2 Noosel Plains

Boss : Gobblers
HP 60
Mp 0
Attack 22
Defense 5

In the entrance you have a ton of Flax, and can quickly be gathered for building or potion making

Right off the bat this dungeon is significantly harder, if you’re having trouble level up the princess outfit and farm the slimes here or the previous dungeon. Then head back to the weapon shop and buy the 1100 Soldier’s Spear. This makes dealing with slimes much easier.

By now you probably have lost, if you haven’t I suggest starting now as the nurse outfit Ability (Heal) is VERY useful for this boss. This boss does not mess around and you may have to give it a few tries, which is not a bad thing as it raises the S.Level and levels up outfits.

Completing this boss rewards you the China Dress. The High attack stat is very useful in the next dungeon, along with double strike.

Dungeon 3 Mundele Mountains

Boss Lilf
HP 100
Mp 12
Attack 33
Defense 15
Weakness: Fire

There are two important parts of this dungeon, first make sure you level up the China dress. Second farm Lizardmen until they drop the Lizardman’s Sword, its fairly strong. Gather everything you see, everytime you pass through as you mainly want Pelts.

Head Back out to Tamlyns Dresses and craft yourself the “Wizard outfit”. This outfit was essentially made for this dungeon as it rewards you with Fire shot and gives +20 MP. Meaning you can spam fire and heal yourself while fighting the boss.

Defeating this boss rewards you the Apron, which you probably cant use yet. If you can I do recommend it as the ability “Defense Aura” was helpful when dealing with bosses that have drain moves.

Head to the town you just unlocked and speak to the mayor.
Next speak to Carpenter Jimmy and build the bridge and fill the holes
An optional task is to continuously lose to Lizardmen, doing so may result in you being able to lay Monster eggs, which are needed in crafting and to unlock the Goldol Side Story.

Dungeon 4 Vanguard Tower

HP 120
MP 12
Attack 38
Defense 17

This dungeon is pretty straight forward, and you might be able to beat it in a single try. If you want too, feel free to farm Holy Waters from the spring on the first floor. As for the green button, don’t worry about it for now as its simply a shortcut.

Dungeon Reward is a Gym Suit and the skill Omni Strike is incredibly useful. It will hit every enemy and lower their attack for one stage for about 5 turns Max.

I suggest creating the Nun set here to unlock Wind Shot. You need it later but can’t go back.

Talk to the mayor of the second town, go to jimmy and build a bridge and head down into the unknown. Stop by the deserted village and get the bomb, otherwise there is literally nothing there but 1 gather able wood 1 time and a statue to heal (or just lose in a dungeon). Otherwise, head north into succubus forest.

Dungeon 5 Succubus Forest

Boss Muuma
HP 90
MP 40
Attack 33
Defense 23
Weakness : Wind

Boss Yuuko
HP 80
MP 25
Attack 28
Defense 19
Weakness: Water

Progressing though this dungeon is as simple as interacting with campfires to delete trees. As for beating the bosses, if you havent created the nun set then you’re out of luck with Wind Attacks on Muuma and then moving to Fire on Yuuko. I suggest wearing the wizard set as Yuuko does a lot of Eros Damage and if you Eros Defense is low then you’ll get hit for quite a bit.

The reward for beating these two is the succubus set, which you’re most likely going to use for the remainder of the game as it’s got an extremely good balance of stats and regenerates MP when equipped.

Before leaving, I suggest going to the right exit to move to the Succubus Village. The leader gives you the Purity Dress, that you cant use unless you have 0 S.Level. Oh well, not worth working for currently. The tailor in the Succubus Village also crafts the Ninja Uniform and Babydoll, the Ninja Set is really good for NG+ and if you can use it, will be able to cheese a lot of bosses.

Dungeon 6 Subterranean Tower

Boss Ema
HP 210
MP 8
Attack 42
Defense 27
Weakness: Water

Another Dungeon where you can skip everything and rush the boss. The boss has no real gimmick other than lots of damage, so if you did enough grinding its mostly skippable.

Completing the dungeon rewards you with Ema’s Crimson Sickle which you will want to equip for the next boss. Head upstairs, hit the green switch and you can finally get back on the surface and have a shortcut down.

When you wanna move on, head back down and blow up the next wall and follow the vines up. The path up has yetis and a ton of crystals if you still needed them.



Walkthrough Part 2

Boss Garent
Hp 280
MP 20
Attack 50
Defense 32

Once you enter the smith’s house, you’re going to be forced to fight garnet. Garnet herself isn’t too hard but she does have a drain move. If you have the defense aura, you can use it to lower the damage you take and decrease her regen. If you’re struggling, make sure you have the succubus set on for the MP sustain and farm some yetis.

Once you beat garnet you unlocks Gudios Smithery. Everything here is optional, but eventually you will need to get Melty’s sword.

Dungeon 7 Part A Castle Grolido

Boss Daliah
HP 450
MP 40
Attack 54
Weakness: Fire

This dungeon has a lot of hidden paths, 4 to be exact. Make sure to keep your out for the hidden paths. Cyclops’ are nothing special but having a cyclopse baby is gives 4 gold, which is useful if you need to farm it for outfits. Combine it with the baby doll effect to make the chance of having a cyclops baby 100% and you can farm the gold material quite fast.

Optional Boss Cenus
HP 777
MP 0
Attack 58
Defense 5
Weakness: Fire

If you find this guy, he doesn’t give anything special so don’t feel obligated to beat him. He’s also quite deadly and will pummel you into the floor.

To get to daliah, simply head to the northwest room and go downstairs.

Daliah herself is a HUGE pushover. Don’t feel obligated to lose either, unless you want the stats (as she gives 9 of the First S.Level stat). But beating her without losing the first time gives you an item that lets you view her defeat scene.

From here lots of story happens until you can fight the next boss.

Dungeon 7 Part B Castle Grolido

Boss Devil Khan
HP 2800
MP 666
Attack 58
Defense 30
Weakness: Light

This boss cannot be hurt at this point in the game without melty’s sword. Meltys sword does light damage, for NG+ you can use whatever light moves and weapons you want, but until then youll need to head to gudio and have him craft your sword. If you need to take a break to grind out outfits.

This fight is fairly easy, make sure you have the succubus set on and just attack until you start getting low, then cast heal. If you arent healing fast enough, I suggest getting the maid set for more heals and set miko to remove ailments.

Once your done, more plot happens and you unlock the final dungeon

Final Dungeon Hyperspace

Boss Dark Daliah
HP 6666
MP 666
Attack 70
Defense 37
Weakness: Light

This dungeon is broken into 3 main parts. Alfredo, Esmeralda, Melty. Each Part has a rune cube you’ll want to collect, and if you haven’t try to find the one in the chest inside the castle. Once you have all 4 you can craft the JK set and upgrade Alfredo’s sword.

First go into Alfredo as it reward is 3 jewels you’ll need to make progress on Melty’s end. Completing his dungeon gives Melty Alfredos sword which is really strong when upgraded at the smithery.

Next rotate between Esmeralda and Melty’s paths while activating every fire. Before you go into the final portal make sure you got each of the rune cubes from each path and upgraded your gear.

Finally you can face the final boss. Dark Daliah herself isn’t hard so much as long, if you have the succubus set and the upgraded sword its only a matter of time.

After Completing the game congrats! But its not done yet. When continuing your save, select continue from last point instead of NG+



Walkthrough NG+ (True Princess Mode)

Before NG+

In true princess mode, all enemies are harder and bosses have new gimmicks. So its important to prepare and NOT reset your S.level. Only reset it when you get to level cap. If you wanna kill two birds in one stone, you can do NG+ in the Purity dress, but its too much trouble to grind when you can just the *****hiker set to spam love beam/wave on every enemy for easy wins.

To Do:

Get S.level to 100 and max out and craft all the outfits you can get access too. You’ll need most of the skills for NG+. Try to craft the JK and visit the seer in the second town after 100+ encounters to unlock two outfits and an accessory.

The leopard print passive is +50% exp. In NG+ you can get more than 999 exp at a time, which means you can very swiftly grind to the level cap (69).

Unlock JK set has a heal move for 600 HP and is the most well rounded set in terms of stat.

NG+ Boss Changes

All: More HP and hit harder

Gobbers: Summons Banners, if confusion is a problem use rookie earrings


Lilf: Permanent Regen

Pietra: Two extra enemies

Muuma&Yuuko: Something probablly…

Ema: Has her orc friend, take him out first

Garnet: Starts the fight with a GOD DAMN FRUIT BASKET. You cant hurt this thing, so ignore it and let garnet eat it for hp regen.

Daliah: Less of a pushover

Kahn: Deadlier but not immune to all attacks but light

Dark Daliah: Literally the same as your regular run. Equip silence immunity and only use love beam for the achievement.

Each Dungeon has new enemies, you can check them by beating the dungeon and reentering. The message just before tells you what you can find, and what Slevel stats you get on losing.



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