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Middle-earth™: Shadow of War™ – Anti-Betrayal Guide

17 October 2017, Tuesday, 15:03:53


Anti-Betrayal Guide

If you get a captain, a Legendary or an Epic you absolutely like or just a simple captain that you like as a legendary/epic, or the fact that you just love to have those types of captains…and then they betray you. Follow this guide and it will stop the betrayal and you will get him back.

1) The Moment it say “BETRAYAL” on Under the name of the Orc, Alt + Tab to Minimize the game.
2) Open Task Manager
3) End Task on Shadow of War in the Processes.
4) Relaunch Shadow of War and load your game
5) Set him as Overlord temporarily and then Advance time about four times.
6) Remove him as Overlord and put him as Warchief with 1 Bodyguard.
7) Done!

This is basically how you stop and keep your best captains from those random betrayals.




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