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Middle-earth™: Shadow of War™ – Easy Way to Upgrade The Ringwraith Gear Set

17 October 2017, Tuesday, 15:14:40


Easy Way to Upgrade The Ringwraith Gear Set

Note: You absolutely need to be level 60 to get the full effects of this method, otherwise it would take much much longer to do.



1) First you will need to find six random captains you don’t really like all to well but still brand them anyways cause you are going to kill them in the end. The captain classes you will need are:


Slayer – Upgrades the Sword
Assassin – Upgrades the Dagger
Marksman – Upgrade the Hammer
Tank – Upgrades the Armor
Beastmaster – Upgrades the Cloak/Hood
Commander – Upgrades the Rune/Ring



2) Once you have branded all six captains. Level them up through pit fights or nemesis missions and get them all to level 60. The reason why we are choosing level 60 is because everytime you resurrect a captain through “Undying Loyalty” skill, the captain looses 5 Levels. This way, you should be around level 40-45 when completing the game and acquiring the gear set. The first upgrade should be to get it to level 40 and then 60. The first upgrade will require a level 40 Captain to be resurrected and then after a level 55 to be resurrected. See where we are going?


Level 60 -> Resurrect -> Captain is now Level 55 -> Kill him again -> Resurrect Again and Finish the level 55 challenge -> Gear Piece Done.


This is how to do it effectively without much effort.



3) Now let’s get to how to do this. First as i said, level up all your six captains to level 60. Then go to an online conquest and set these 6 captains as Assault Leaders. Once you start it, go ahead and fight until it tells you to enter the overlord’s room. Take the opportunity and go smash that left click button repeatedly on your captains. Your going to have to keep striking them until they show “Bleeding”. Once you have done that, process to the next and the next captain until you have bled all of them. Let them all die.


Note: The reason why we used Online Conquest, is because in an Online Conquest, if you strike your captains that much they will not betray you. Otherwise if you do it in your fortress or part of a nemesis mission, they WILL Betray you and you will have lost a captain.



4) Once you have killed all captains. Go to your Army Menu (Have the “Undying Loyalty” skill equipped) and Hover your mouse over them and resurrect them all. MAKE SURE YOU ARE WEARING THE RINGWRAITH GEAR SET (ALL OF THE PIECES) BEFORE RESURRECTING. After resurrecting them the first time, go to your Inventory and whalla! You have a full set of gear ready to upgrade to Level 40. To get the gear to level 60, just repeat this process of killing them in the Online Conquest and resurrect them again.



So yes, there is abit of a set up and a process, but this is the most efficient method to doing it all at once.



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