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Middle-earth™: Shadow of War™ – Easy Ways to Farm Legendaries

14 October 2017, Saturday, 16:05:59


Easy Ways to Farm Legendaries

If you just want as many Legendaries as fast as possible there isn’t much to optimize.

1-Kill every Captain on Sight. (Rarity doesn’t improve)
2-Always Skip Time when you Fast Travel. (For fresh Captains)
3-Farm Nemesis Missions, preferable these with multiple participants.


If you want to farm a specific Legendary it gets a bit more complicated.

1-Search for Banners etc. of the Clan you want, the best indicator is a Statue.
2-Search for the Soldier type that can drop your legendary.
3-Let him kill you.

Make sure there is always a free Slot so the new Captain doesn’t have to duel his way on the map which doesn’t always succeed.


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