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Middle-earth™: Shadow of War™ – Farming Gems

30 October 2017, Monday, 0:26:26


Farming Gems

Gems can be obtained in three ways. The first way is through treasure orcs, which is generally the easiest way to find them. The second way is through randomly wandering through the world and finding gems laying around. The last way is through Shadow of The Past missions, which are only obtainable through completing all three objectives and can only be obtained once.


There are two types of treasure orcs. One is the usual orc with a white marker above their head that drops basic gems. The second, on the other hand, are treasure ologs, that have a red marker on their head that can drop either 1,000 mirian or a Polished gem. Treasure ologs are rare, so you’ll generally go through the world only killing usual treasure orcs.


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