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Middle-earth™: Shadow of War™ – Follower Perks Achievement Guide

17 October 2017, Tuesday, 3:16:05


Follower Perks Achievement Guide

F16BC0B7-F3B3-4B54-8DD3-64A0526728DE-3263-000003102D54E642 This can be pretty easy. If you have any of the editions of the game that gives free lootcrates from the Market Menu, simply open a few to get some training orders from them and give one to a random captain of your choice. Otherwise if you do not have free lootcrates from one of the editions. Do the daily missions that they give you in the Quests Log and from there you can get a crate from the Market Menu. And or, if you have enough silver coins, you can also get it from that too. Otherwise if you do not want to do either of those, you can also perform what Monolith made part of the game; Microtransactions and buy with real money, gold coins to buy lootcrates which drop the training orders. Training Orders only drop from War Chests…not the Loot Chests.

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