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Middle-earth™: Shadow of War™ – How To Unlock The True Ending

14 October 2017, Saturday, 23:48:04


How To Unlock The True Ending

The True, Secret Ending in Middle Earth Shadow of War for completing Act 4: “The Shadow Wars”. The Shadow Wars Ending unlocks a trophy and achievement called “Peace in Death”.

After defeating the final boss in Act 3 of the story mode, you’ll start to receive defense missions for your fortresses. This is the so-called Act 4: “The Shadow Wars”. There are 10 stages of Shadow Wars and you must keep defending your fortresses over and over again. After stage 10 the secret post-game ending unlocks for you to watch (we’ll include it below as well).

Here’s Shadow of War’s endgame explained:

Take a look at Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s endgame, a multi-stage affair called “The Shadow Wars”, which asks you to defend your fortresses against Sauron’s forces.



Spoilers ahead, up next is the game’s True Ending:



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