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Middle-earth™: Shadow of War™ PC Controls

9 October 2017, Monday, 22:24:40


PC Controls

Controls in Titanfall 2 are simple and intuitive. It does not require major remapping, but it is, of course, possible.

The controls presented below are the default ones.



Keyboard and Mouse Controls


Dodge / sprint / climb – SPACEBAR

Grab / interact – Left CTRL

Wraith world – V

Branded activate – I

Branded dispatch – K

Enter / exit map – M




Stealth – Left SHIFT

Strike / kill (in stealth) /charge bow attack – LEFT MOUSE

Counter / brutalize (in stealth) / aim bow – RIGHT MOUSE

Bow distract / stealth attract – G

Wraith stun / drain / drop down – E

Execution – F

Combat drain – C

Wraith flash – R

Wraith burn – T

Throw daggers – Q




Enter pause menu (from gameplay) – ESC

Return to gameplay (from menu) – M

Return to previous menu – ESC

Move selection up – W

Move selection down – S

Move selection left – A

Move selection right – D

Confirm selection – SPACEBAR

Cycle page right – 2

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