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Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven – BOSS: Q – The Secret Enemy Guard

“Q” The Secret Enemy Guard

“Q” is the secret enemy guarding the chest with both Lloyd’s Beacon and Town Portal magic books. Q is hidden inside the Temple of Snakes in the middle of the lake in Blackshire. Q is behind a secret wall in the room farthest from the gold dragon. You have to kill the dragon to get to Q. Q is harder to kill than just about any monster in the game. He probably has 5000 or 10,000 hit points and he casts finger of death and eradicates people while he yells “DIE”. In the Temple of Snakes, there is a long hallway and at the end of the hall a ramp goes down toward a doorway. But a teleport trap prevents you from ever entering the room at the bottom of that ramp. That is the room with the secret wall Q is behind. To get there, I had to kill the gold dragon and drop down into the pit and then kill everything and approach that room from the other side of the doorway/teleport trap.


More importantly, Q holds a special item THE HORN OF ROS and once you get this item, you can then see how many actual hit points every character/monster has by right-clicking on them. Instead of just a green bar indicating how much life they have, you now get a text display of the exact hit point values. From then on you can choose which monster to target with which spell carefully calculated to precisely eliminate that monster with maximum efficiency.


Q is tough. He will eradicate everyone unless you can deliver about 5000 points of damage in just a few rounds.




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