Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven Cheats


Obelisk Puzzle Solution

If you successfully read all obelisks, you’ll be able to find the Captain’s Treasure. The obelisks are in 15 different areas in Enroth and have numbers from1 to 15:


1. Sweet Water (near the big lake)

2. Paradise Valley (after the Temple of Baa)

3. Hermit’s Isle (near the oasis)

4. Kriegspire (NE corner of map)

5. Blackshire (in the sands)

6. Dragonsand (near the shrine of the Gods)

7. White Cap (behind Castle Stromgard)

8. Free haven (south of the town)

9. Mire of the damned (south of Snergle’s mines)

10. Silver Cove (North part of the map)

11. Bootleg Bay (near the Firelord dungeon)

12. Castle Ironfist (through the releporter)

13. Alamos (near the south shipyard)

14. Mist (through the teleporter on the far-most island)

15. New Sorpigal (in the volcano – you’ll need Fly to get in there!)


The Captain’s treasure contains two books – “Divine Intervention” and “Dark Containment”, 250 000 gold and three artifacts: Guinevere, Morgan and Igraine.



Shrine Pilgrimage List

(Visit the Seer each month to find the current active shrine. You’ll receive a permanent +10 to your stats or resistances. Subsequent visits the next year will give you +3 more)


January – Might – Bootleg Bay NW corner.

February – Intellect – Mist

March – Personality – Silver Cove NW corner.

April – Endurance – Castle WhiteCap

May – Accuracy – FreeHaven (just west of town)

June – Speed – Mire of the Damned (center west)

July – Luck – New Sorpigal off the East coast of town

August – Fire – Kriegspire down near castle in mountain

September – Electricity – center west in Castle Ironfist

October – Cold – Kriegspire north half center along mountains

November – Poison – Eel-infested waters/Alamos

December – Magic – Blackshire visible just northeast of town



Obelisk Messages

(written top to bottom)

















(this cache will not show up unless you’ve visited all obelisks)



Potion Mixing

Types are only used in mixing: you can’t mix like type with like type. There are 216 possible combinations, so obviously most combinations just blow up. Damage is proportional to the power of the reactants. If you explode a third and fourth generation potion, your character is ERADICATED!


Potion pairs 15 and 20, 16 and 19, and 17 and 23 are complimentary. If you feed the same character both, he’ll get +10 to each stat.


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