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Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven – TOMB OF VARN (Dragonsand) Walkthrough

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TOMB OF VARN (Dragonsand) Walkthrough

This is, without a doubt, the hardest temple in the game. It has very powerful enemies and is gigantically enormously hugely big. The main puzzle is to find the 6 code scrolls (and you have to find them too, or it won’t prompt you for a password). They are scattered all over the tomb. And the last three are almost suicide to get. What you need to do is set a beacon before the radiation room so you don’t get caught in a corner and can warp back when you want.


There are genies on both sides of the first hallway. After they are finished, head east. There are a couple more genies and some Defenders of Varn at the end. Kill them and go down the ramp. There are lots of genies and a couple of Sentinels in here. Kill the sentinel for the BACK DOOR KEY. Now turn right and enter the main room of the pyramid. It is huge. Here is where you should cast a Beacon. There are very few enemies in this room, and they are hiding out in the corners on the higher levels. They are also on the ledge to the far right of where you enter. Go that way to start. Pick off the four defenders above you with arrows. Now enter the door below it. Kill the guardians inside and go to the west door. Kill the genies and press the switch to reveal a chest. Take the gold, CRYSTAL SKULL, FLAME DOOR KEY, and CAPTAIN’S CODE SCROLL and exit this room through the secret door to the east that will lead you back to the main room. Go back to where you entered the main room and head to the red door to the north. Activate the enemies behind it and kill them through the center of the door. Open the door and be prepared for an onslaught of more guardians. Pull out the Crystal Skull and hold it on the screen when you enter this room, or you will take radiation damage. To cure radiation, bathe in any of the pools that you see in this entire temple. Make sure you empty this room of enemies because it’ll come into play a little later. Fall down the hole on the right side of the room. When you hit the bottom, run down the hall, ignoring the monsters until you get to a room with four paths. Take the path that has red walls. Stay on the path, and when you hit a tee, go north. The path will go off diagonally. Take this path into a room full of enemies. Go behind the wall where the enemies are and turn-based it. Use telekinesis to spring the trap on the chest and then to open it. Collect the gold, the WATER TEMPLE KEY, and the FIRST MATE’S CODE SCROLL. Now is a good time to Beacon out of here. Back in the main room, go to the northeast corner of the pyramid. Take the path jutting off to the left and follow the inclined path to a locked door. Open the Water Temple and enter. Kill the guardians that are stuck in the path going down. Go down this incline and kill the Guardian at the bottom. Take the chest at the bottom that has a BIBLIOTHECA CHEST KEY and the NAVIGATOR CODE SCROLL, and another crystal skull. Now go back to the first room you went in go up above this door to the high ledge and walk off backwards and land on the ledge above the door.


Go inside and kill more guardians. Go around the corner where a lamp lays on the ground and kill three genies around the corner. Now the best way to do this is to just RUN past all the enemies and hope you live. If you die, keep trying. Go east into a genie room and turn immediately right and run down a hall full of genies and guardians. Follow the hall, and you’ll enter a library. Run to the other side of the tables and turn-base mode it. Now use the key to open this chest and collect the DOCTOR’S CODE SCROLL and the VARN CHEST KEY. Now click on the two pictures on the far north and far south side of this chest and you will receive the hidden COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER CODE SCROLL and the ENGINEER CODE SCROLL. Take your beacon out of this room and back to the main room again. We’re almost done. Go forward into the radiation room and stand in the pools one at a time and type the codes in that are on the scrolls. Just make sure that you do the Captain’s code last.


Engineer Code- YTTOCS


Communications Code- ARUHU


Doctor Code- YOCCM


Navigator Code- ULUS


First Mate Code- KCOPS


Captain Code- KRIK


Fall down the hole that is made when the waters part. Open the northwest door and destroy 2 Patrol Units inside. There is an Enforcer Unit and another Patroler inside. Find the chest and use the Varn Chest Key on it to get lots of gold, some nice items, and most importantly, THE CONTROL CUBE. You are at long last, done with this dungeon.


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