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Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer Cheats

25 August 2019, Sunday, 21:38:42


Obelisk Puzzle Solution

There is one obelisk in each map square. Here are the clues for each obelisk.


1) theunicornkin

2) gholdsold

3) thornskey

4) amonghiss

5) ubjectsap

6) pearswhil

7) ethesunsh

8) inesonmid

9) summerday


Compiling together, we have:


The unicorn king holds old thorn’s key among his subjects.

Appears while the sun shines on midsummerday.


To do this quest, you will need to visit all of the obelisks first.



Objective: Find the key to the vault of time

Go to Murmurwoods on June 24.

You must have the druid circlet of power.

Kill the unicorn king on the map and he drops a key.

Use it to open the vault of time in ravenshore.



You will get:

7 stalt-laced ore



Scepter of kings




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