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Might and Magic X Legacy – Dragon Shrine Locations

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Dragon Shrine Locations

There are Statues located throughout the land, are part of an undocumented quest that if you pray to all the statues and pray to each statue on the correct day, you will receive a Relic as your reward. When you interact with the statue, you get a message about which day it is necessary to pray at that particular statue. You can check the day using the sun/moon icon on the bottom right of your screen. If you are at the statue on the correct day, the message will say, “You kneel in front of the shrine and recite a prayer to … (insert the correct deity). You don’t get any message or log entry or quest. It’s up to you to keep track of which Shrines you have visited.


Pray at the shrines on the following days:

Day of the week          Shrine                           Location

1. Malda             Shrine of Malassa              near Sudgerd {142,102}


2. Elda              Shrine of Elrath               North of Sorpigal {132,48}


3. Arda              Shrine of Arkath               Desolate Wilds {28,21}


4. Sylada            Shrine of Sylanna              Yon-Chall Forest {69,79}


5. Shalda            Shrine of Shalassa             beach near Karthal {91,10}


6. Ylda              Shrine of Ylath                near Pao Kai Nest {10,71}


7. Ashda             Shrine of Asha                 near Elemental Forge {66,48}


To advance a day, sleep three times (8 hours each time). The days are written in the correct order, but you don’t need to pray at a shrine in the order given, with one exception – Ashda must be the last. Reward: Heavy Armor Relic.


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