Might & Magic X – Legacy – Party Management Guide

Party Management


The party has a shared pool of Gold and Supplies. Gold is the currency in the game which is used to buy items, spells, supplies or to pay NPCs for all kinds of services. Supplies are required to enable your party to rest for a period of time in order to restore Health and Mana of all party members and to avoid the party becoming weak or feebleminded because of exhaustion.


All items which are not equipped by any party member are stored in the shared Party Inventory.


Potions and scrolls can be used by party members for a variety of effects, but are destroyed after use.


• Potions can restore a portion of Health or Mana, remove negative conditions or apply permanent bonuses to the party member drinking them.


• Scrolls cast a certain magic spell – independent from whether the party member has the necessary skill or not.




There are equipment items that can be equipped by party members. Some items require certain skills or ranks to equip them. Each equipment item can only be equipped on certain Equipment Slots on the Character Sheet of a party member:


• Melee Weapons and Magical Foci can be equipped on the Main Hand Slot. They can also be equipped on the Off Hand Slot if the party member has the required Skill. Two Handed Weapons take both of the aforementioned slots.


• Ranged Weapons can be equipped on a dedicated slot.


• Shields can be equipped on the Off Hand Slot.


• Jewellery such as rings and necklaces can be equipped on dedicated slots.


• Protective Equipment can be equipped on dedicated slots.


Melee Weapons, Shields and Protective Equipment can break during combat. Broken items have diminished stat values and need to be repaired by an Armoursmith or Weaponsmith NPC.


All equipment can be enchanted, increasing their stat values, adding extra effects, or increasing attributes and/or stats of the party member who has them equipped. Enchanted equipment may need to be identified before you can assess their enchantments and have a party member equip them.


Scattered through the Agyn peninsula are powerful Relics that have multiple levels of power. When equipped they receive XP equal to the XP of the party member who has them equipped. When a Relic gathers enough XP to reach a certain threshold it gains a level. With higher levels Relics have improved stats and more and/or better enchantments.


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