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Minion Masters Cheats

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Promo Codes

A free mega-list of reusable codes to unlock various items in Minion Masters. To redeem these codes, simply copy them and head to the shop (chest) in-game. Click on “Redeem” on the top right corner, paste the code and click “Redeem.”.┬áDon’t forget to link your Twitch account so you can earn the extra rewards from streamers and join a guild (like Mana Addicts) to earn even more! You can also register with my referral as a bonus!


If you want to earn even more, We recommend you complete the Challenges, Expeditions, Mayhem, achievements and daily quests!




Crystal Archer: RB8-3ME

Bannerman: vc296x

Propeller Horde: 4LK-YEK-82N

Battle Shi-hou: FMA-PLJ-GM5

Scrat Launcher: KCV-6R9-YRE

Tranquil Shi-Hou: PXR-H42-SSJ



Power Tokens

Free Power Token: K4V-QTA

Free Power Token: wbnz4c




2,000 gold: UT7-QRT-PF9



Combo Packs

1,200 Gold + 1 Power Token: W3Q-Y8K-967

Spirit Vessel + Crystal Sentry + 1 Power Token: 7XC-T9H-CF3

Crossbow Dudes + 3 Crossbow Guilds + Avatar: CRO-SSD-UDE



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