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All Coin Locations

The Pot In Your Beginning Home

This is likely the first coin you ever got. Just smash the pot in the home you started in and tada!

In the Second Run, this coin will be located in the island house instead, the one you had to ride the boat to get to. The same applies as all you have to do is smash the pot in your home.



Sewer Coin 1

The sewer is the location to the right of the bar where you have to smash a pot to enter. After completing the puzzle you will be taken to a little island where you can get your coin.



Sewer Coin 2

The flippers are required for this one. To get the flippers you must unlock the hotel pool. Same location as above, except this time after completing the puzzle, take a left to the stairs and go down the waterway. At the end you will find a chest with the coin you need.



Snake Area Coin

In the dark area filled with snakes, there is a secret door on the left side. To find this door exactly, go out onto the surface and pinpoint where the X is on the screen. Go back into the sewers and the door will be to the left of where the X was on the previous screen. From here on out getting the coin should be pretty straightforward.



Sneaker Hut Dumpster Coin

Pretty self explanatory with the title. Just use your sword.



Sneaker Hut Secret Area

This area is also connected to the factory, which you could also use to access this area if you have some extra health and the flippers. To get this coin, just go to the Sneaker hut and find the weak looking area on the left. Hit it with your sword and getting the coin should be a piece of cake once you go through.



Box Island Coin

Wasn’t too sure what to title this coin location, but it’s easy to access once you have coffee. Just go to the left of your starting house, where the bar is, and push the two boxes towards the top left water shore. You’ll create a little bridge that will allow you to reach an area that eventually leads you to a coin. If you have flippers you can just swim right over and get your coin.



Treasure Island Coin

If you’ve listened to the old turtle by the lighthouse, you should know the directions to reach this island. Once you’re there getting the coin should be easy. The only advice I think is worth giving is try to get out of the screen with the shark asap. I noticed myself dying to him a few times in my first run. You will need flippers to get this coin.

On your second run, you have to go to the island where the boat takes you instead to complete this. The old turtle’s instructions change a little bit, so make sure to listen to him. You will need the running shoes to have enough time to listen to him completely during the second run.



Ruins Coin

Two screens right from the desert trailer home, start going up until you see the left side’s rock wall only partially in the bottom left. Go to the left from here and check the sign. Follow the direction the sign leads you to and open the chest there.



North Temple Room Coin

This one is pretty straightforward once you know how to do it, but a bit tricky to explain. You will need to have all the teleporters between the homes (excluding the trailer) and the Sneaker Hut acivated. You can do this in any order, but I usually do all of them and then the trailer last. This step by step explanation on how to complete this puzzle will use specific homes, just to help avoid any confusion for struggling players. In a nutshell, you have to die in the puzzle room 4 times, each death run starting from a different house.

Step 1: Go to your starting home, and have it set as your house.
Step 2: Go into the teleporter area and use the teleporter to the Sneaker Hut, from here run down to the temple, enter the north room and die in it.
Step 3: Once respawned, go back into the teleporter and enter your hotel room.
Step 4: Repeat step 2, this time with your hotel room as your new home of course.
Step 5: Go into the teleporter and set your island home as your starting home. (Make sure to actually climb up from the basement until it says it’s your new home.)
Step 6: Repeat step 2, this time with your island house as your new home of course.
Step 7: Finally, enter the teleporter room one last time and go straight to the Sneaker Hut. From here, go down and quickly enter the desert trailer home.
Step 8: Run to the north temple room. I forget if you have to die here again or if you can just go straight through the previously closed off death symbol wall. If it’s still closed, just kill yourself and run back.
Step 9: Go through and finally get that sweet coin you worked so hard to get.



East Temple Room Coin:

I suggest starting at the desert trailer home to have enough time to do this. Bring your watering can with you and set out the fire to enter. Once inside, all you have to do it set out one fire and pass through it and the bats. Do not lose any health while doing this or you will have to start over, as the final door requires you to have full health.

During your second run, this will be a difficult task, as you’re racing against less time, and it’s a bit harder to solve. Obviously the health rule is more solid since if you get hit you’ll just instantly die due to the single heart limit in this run. This time you have to unlight ALL of the fires (this does not include the three fires you have to pass upon entering this room). When I did this during my second run I had the sneakers and I had barely reached the end in time, so I’m assuming you have to have those before you can beat this puzzle on the second run.



Desert Sinking Sand Coin

To the left of the desert trailer area, above the sign maker guy, there’s a slow area of sand you have to walk through to cross between screens. On either screen that this sand is present on, just stop moving and let yourself sink through. You’ll find a coin in the area you sink into.



Bandit Coin

In the area above the hotel there will be a group of bandits who spring from the ground. Before being able to recieve a coin from them, you have to get the hotel resident from them. (Read the Hotel Residents section to figure out how to do this.) Once you die and respawn, they will keep coming back, this time with more bandits. Now, I’ve recieved the coin twice from these guys, once in the Normal Run and another time in the Second Run. I’m not sure what exactly causes them to drop the coin after killing all of them, as there were times I fought them and I didn’t recieve the coin. My best guess is you have to leave only one of them standing, and once you kill that one they drop the coin. Either way, keep fighting them and I’m sure you’ll get it eventually.



Factory Waiting Room Coin

Be quick with this one as you have to spend some time waiting for this coin. Enter the waiting room and take note of the plant in the bottom left. Don’t it it, just wait for it to explode, which will reveal a coin. During your Second Run make sure to pay close attention since it can explode within the last 3 seconds or so.



Factory Waiting Room Coin

Be quick with this one as you have to spend some time waiting for this coin. Enter the waiting room and take note of the plant in the bottom left. Don’t it it, just wait for it to explode, which will reveal a coin. During your Second Run make sure to pay close attention since it can explode within the last 3 seconds or so.



Hotel Coin

This is an easy coin to get as all that’s required beforehand is reaching the hotel in your playthrough. Press yourself along the back wall of the hotel and you’ll eventually enter the secret room. A chest is located in there. I’ll leave the rest in your capable hands.



Waterfall Coin

You’ll learn about a coin being located here if you read what the ghost on treasure island says. Flippers are also required for getting this coin. Go up one screen from the house you started your adventure on (the one with the dog) and with the flippers you’ll be able to go behind the waterfall located near the bottom right of the screen.



Drill Path Coin

You’ll have to progress a bit in the factory, which is near the end of the game, to open this path. Once you shut off the electric bar generator, you can go back from the stairs you came from and enter the southern room now. You will see a drill being held onto. Hit the things holding onto the drill and then hit the drill itself. You’ll see the coin once the path has is being/has been paved.



Factory Truck Coin

Upon entering the factory from the hotel, keep going to the left until you reach the toilet. Go down from here and you will find yourself in a room full of trucks and an NPC who says they stopped shipping a while ago. Enter the back of the larger truck facing towards the left and you’ll get a coin. If you’re on your normal run and you have the flippers and extra health you could also swim into this room from the Sneaker Hut secret area.



Mines Coin

If you already know where the trophy room is, this coin is on the way to it. In second, more open area of the mines you may have noticed a box that only pushes a square or two in the bottom right area of the room. To get past this you must destroy the cart, requiring the grinder item.



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