Minit – Minimalist Achievement Guide


Minimalist Achievement

How to achieve the minimalist achievement in Minit, which requires less than 25 runs.





Run 1: Sword, Coffee, Key and Flashlight

This run is definitely tough, you’ll end up picking the Flashlight at 2 seconds max.

Pick the Sword
Kill the two crabs on the right
Kill the three crabs above the bar
Enter the bar to pick the Coffee
Pick the Lighthouse Key
Go to the lighthouse to pick the Flashlight




Run 2: Watering can and Adventurer

This run is also pretty tough, you’ll end up with 2-3 seconds left, if not less.

Get the Watering Can and pick back your Sword
Go past the snake hideout (killing one can make it shorter)
Ignore the bull and go straight to the next house
Take the Watering Can next to the house
Run three screens down to find the Adventurer and water it




Run 3: Sword Thrower and Gardening Gloves

You must find the oasis the fastest way possible, but it’s ok to do all this with seconds to spare.

Find the oasis (Go to the secret temple and then go up/down in screens 5-6 times)
Kill the ghost and pick the Sword Thrower
Pick the Gardening Gloves
Go back to your first house (Important to not have to backtrack again)




Run 4: Camera, Hotel, Resident 1 and 2

This is one is one of the toughest, requires really good execution to get to your room at 0-1 second:

Go pick the Camera
Go up to the hotel, skip the hotel and go right
Find the resident under the crate
Go back to the pond to find the scuba resident
Go back to your hotel room (careful to go up to your room, to save)




Run 5: Resident 3, 4 and 5

It can be tough depending of your skill and the RNG, but if you use the mouse trick, you’ll have up to 10 seconds to spare.

Kill the mob of goons up the hotel (start with the rightmost plant)
Go left and help the girafe in the crate
Find the mouse behind the tree by detroying all but one tree
For the mouse I found two tricks:
You don’t have to fully destroy each tree, the mouse cannot hide behind branches
Once you’re done to two trees, you can lower the mouse tree from under and the mouse won’t hide to the last one for some reasons




Run 6: Resident 6, Flippers and Journalist

This one is easy enough.

Repair the bridge to unlock the last resident
Take the Flippers
Take the Camera
Go to the room with the bodyguard




Run 7: Left Machine and Right Machine

It will be tricky but definitely possible
Go in the mines
Use the shortcut with the flippers to the puzzle
Solve the left puzzle (3 boxes inside the machines)
Solve the right puzzle (hit the switch using the treadmill)




Run 8: Middle Machine, Drill shortcut and Stuck your sword

Almost the end, need the drill shortcut to water the sword after, this step has the most back and forth but it is actually easy to do.

Go though the factory up to the water fountain
Destroy the Middle Machine downstairs
Go back up and unlock the shortcut and save at the desert house
Go back to the factory and stuck your sword




Run 9: Mega Sword and Boss 1/3

From there on, one thing to know is that in the First Run, you save every progress you do on the boss, so even if you die stupidly, you can still make it in 12 runs (maybe not in 9-10 runs though).

Go back to where you stuck your Sword (by default you should have the Watering Can on you)
Water the Sword to get the Mega Sword
Fight the boss and kill its first phase
Start killing its second phase




Run 10: Boss 2/3 and 3/3

Same as before, to do both phase in one go, try to advance the second phase in the previous run.

Kill Boss second phase
Kill Boss third phase
Throw the broken sword into the cabinet
Enjoy the credits
You’ve done it!

If you’ve done it perfectly you’ll have 10 runs only, which is way lower than the 25 required!
It also means that you can fail several step of that guide if you’re just aiming for the achievement.
Do note that the game save your best number of run in the secret basement.



If you want to aim for the 9 runs, here is what you need to change in your runs.

Run1: Don’t do this run ! Yes it means no Flashlight for the rest of the game
Run2-3: Same
Run4: Don’t pick the camera, instead kill the crabs like in old run 1 to get the Coffee
Run5-7: Same
Run8: Since you don’t have the camera anymore, go through the mines. Don’t open the shortcut (you don’t have the time) and just stuck the sword right after
Run9: Same as Run8, go through the mines to go fight the boss
Run10: Same

This way you’ll be able to skip one run, going to 9 runs. The main disadvantage of doing that is that you won’t have the flashlight to orient yourself in the snake cave, the mines and the final boss.



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