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Mirage: Arcane Warfare How to Target Switch?

26 May 2017, Friday, 3:39:33


What is Target Switching?
Suddenly changing the target of your attacks to try to catch your opponents off guard.


Why Use Target Switching?
-Allows you to handle two (or more?) enemies at once and a chance to actually win the fight
-Allows you to finish team fights faster


How to Target Switch?

-Turn defense into offense; parry one attacker and turn to use your ripostes to attack the other player as they wind up their own attacks or before they can defend; surprise attacks vs. unprepared opponents will have a higher chance to succeed
-Once you’ve hit the second opponent, turn back to the first and parry their next attack and repeat; allows you to juggle two opponents
-If the second opponent parries, wait for either of them to attack, then parry-riposte to start again
-Feint to Parry & Combo Feint to Parry can help you keep control by interrupting your own attacks to defend yourself and possibly give you another riposte opportunity
-Parry in Parry (PiP) can help you parry two incoming strikes immediately after one another; there is no delay between successful parries
-If there’s a 3rd (or more opponents), use footwork or abilities to try to keep one (or more) of them behind the ones in front; they’ll be less likely to attack because their teammates are in the way, and if they do attack, they are very likely to hit a teammate



-If you think the target you are going to switch to is ready for your attack, wait (no more than a quarter second), then turn back to the first opponent who parried; you will likely interrupt their attack with a hit or at least force them to Combo Feint to Parry and lose stamina
-Try not to fall for any feints and avoid panic parrying; either of these will disrupt your initiative and probably get you killed quickly
-Keep moving; do not stand still and try to maneuver to keep your opponents in your field of view as much as you can


How to counter it?

-Keep your eyes on your target and be ready for them to turn on you
-Don’t attack when they expect you to; if you attack as soon as you are able, the target switcher will be prepared and ready to block. You have a few options;
-Wait a half second before you attack; they may be expecting to turn and parry immediately. By waiting, you break up the rhythm of the fight and may provoke a panic parry
-Support Feints; if the opponent is looking at you and waiting for your attack, feint them to provoke a parry or a Combo Feint to Parry (CFtP). If they fall for it, you & your teammate will likely score a free hit each.
-Accelerated or Delayed Drags; drag your attacks to avoid contacting with their parry. Change up your attacks between fast and slow drags to try to confuse the opponent.
-Don’t be afraid to play defensively; the target switcher is often expecting aggressive attackers, particularly when they are outnumbered; by waiting, feinting or otherwise breaking up the tempo, you can throw off the opponent


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