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Mods Are Coming to FALLOUT 4 on Xbox One


Although companies haven’t always been huge fans of mods as they feel they can take away from the ability to sell DLC, it seems at least some developers realise how they can continue to keep games fresh and interesting years after their initial release.

Bethesda is one such firm and beyond continuing to offer mod support for its PC release of Fallout 4, it’s also now making it available on the Xbox One. There are some limitations of course, as the hardware in an Xbox One isn’t quite as capable as that of most gaming PCs, but just about any mod will be able to be brought over to the platform.

The big limitation though is the file size. In total, all mods will be limited to 2GB of install space, which makes the Xbox modding scene a little more suited to added quests and items, rather than new skins and beautification mods.

However much of the rest of the system will be familiar to PC modders. Individuals mods can be enabled and disabled from a specific menu, they can also be loaded in a certain order, to make sure everything is compatible and working right.

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