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Monster Hunter Rise: Tips and Tricks to Help You Progress Quickly


There are more features in Monster Hunter Rise compared to its competitors. It is undoubtedly a top game in its series because of its gameplay.


The fans will be delighted to find several quality-of-life improvements, including a Chordopter for exploring environments and motion controls to adjust the camera during combat. Despite the better accompaniment in Monster Hunter Rise, the learning curve can be a bit steep for beginners, so here, you’ll learn various tips and tricks that will help you play the game with ease.



1.  Gathering Room Quest

  • Monster Hunter Rise returns to the traditional practice of dividing single-player progression from multiplayer, which can confuse players who play this game for the first time.


  • Regardless of your progress, Monster Hunter Rise lets you move to another zone at any time. There are two types of missions available, village missions and gathering room missions, which you can access from Hinoa and Minoto.


  • The Village missions can only be completed solo, whereas the Gathering Room missions can be completed either multiplayer or solo.


  • Monster Hunter Rise begins with the Village Quests. In addition to slowly introducing game concepts, the monsters you have to fight are easier to defeat. It would help if you started the Village Quests regardless of whether you are new to the series.



2.  Use Canyne

  • Canynes are a new type of hunting companion to the classic Felyne in Monster Hunter Rise. Canynes are great companions for exploring as well as fighting.


  • You can ride while holding down the A button to traverse stages much faster compared to walking. From Canyne’s back, you can make potions and gather resources without having to get off.


  • Canynes can be very useful during frenzy phases or for escaping combat and keeping you moving until the monster calms down.



3.  Special Missions

  • The Rise will have an easier time managing Villager Requests, similar to other classic items. You can usually ask anything from anyone in the village who carries a speech bubble.


  • You will find various tasks that you should complete on time to get rewards. Some tasks like finding a Rock Lizard, etc., will help you attain various valuable rewards.


  • You can use the rewards to relax after the main battles and gain resources from them. The special missions will also help you progress in the game.



4.  Collect Everything

  • You can collect numerous items as you explore each area, from plants to wildlife. Make sure to research all the things that you encounter while you play. Researchers will help you find a lot of valuable stuff to progress in the game.


  • Don’t worry about replaying fighters in the village early on to get a complete monster set. It’s better to keep going since the monster parts’ power will increase so rapidly.


  • Check out the armor you can craft to boost your defense if you get stuck on an urgent mission. It doesn’t matter if you do not get the same set – you can still boost your defense by wearing helmets and gloves.


We hope you found this guide helpful. If you have any more tips or tricks to contribute to this guide, please leave a comment. We’ll update this guide as soon as your comment is approved.



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