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Monster Prom – Character Questions

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Character Questions

Q: If you were ice cream… which flavor would you be?


* VERA: Success.


* LIAM: Double creme de la Gruyere and meringues.


* POLLY: Tequila and coke. 😉


* DAMIEN: Spicy chocolate. No… chocolate ON FIRE!


* MIRANDA: Rainbows and gummy bears.


* SCOTT: Meat!



Q: What would be the most appealing in a love partner?


* DAMIEN: A big… horn.


* LIAM: Sharp wits.


* MIRANDA: Kawaii eyes.


* POLLY: A taste for the party.


* VERA: A very tsundere personality.


* SCOTT: Soft fur.



Q: What would be your dream first date?


* VERA: A professional meeting.


* POLLY: A wild party in international waters.


* LIAM: An art exhibition.


* SCOTT: A sweaty and manly wrestling match.


* MIRANDA: A lovely walk in the forest…


* DAMIEN: Crimes.



Q: You find a genie in a bottle. You can ask for whatever you want. What do you ask for?


* DAMIEN: I drink the genie.


* LIAM: …Him to not be so cliched.


* POLLY: Infinite confetti!


* VERA: You try to negotiate up to the three standard wishes.


* SCOTT: …His friendship!


* MIRANDA: A rainbow that you can eat!



Q: What would be a killer accessory?


* VERA: A fabulous purse made from the skin of your worst enemy.


* DAMIEN: Fancy brass knuckles.


* LIAM: Coolness itself.


* SCOTT: A necklace with your own name.


* POLLY: Sunglasses… at night.


* MIRANDA: Shiny armor.



Q: What’s the sexiest type of knowledge a lover can have?


* SCOTT: Sports things.


* MIRANDA: Lyrics to all Disney songs.


* POLLY: How to make a killer cocktail out of anything.


* DAMIEN: How to set stuff on fire.


* LIAM: Obscure 80s movie trivia.


* VERA: All the principles to build a financial empire.



Q: What would be a deal-breaker for a potential lover?


* LIAM: The person lacks taste.


* VERA: The person is mediocre.


* MIRANDA: The person lacks manners.


* POLLY: The person is boring.


* SCOTT: The person hates the outdoors.


* DAMIEN: The person is a coward.



Q: What criteria would you use to name your children?


* LIAM: A non-heteronormative name.


* SCOTT: Something simple and friendly.


* VERA: I will research for a name that is pun-proof and joke-proof.


* MIRANDA: My name + “II” (the Second).


* POLLY: Meh… no name?


* DAMIEN: Just a swear word.


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