Monster Prom – How to Get The Secret Ending “Punching the Sun”

How to Get The Secret Ending “Punching the Sun”

Step One

You’re trying to mind your own business but can’t due to Scott and Damien having an arm wrestle match in your vicinity. Damien ends up losing the match very quickly, causing him to want to better then Scott. Damien keeps on suggesting ways they can compete, only for Scott to reveal that all the stuff Damien’s suggesting is from the latest episode of “Ultimate Warriors of Mount Awesome” You now have to suggest something that can settle who is better!


First Option: Requires higher charm. Do not pick this option unless you do not want the secret ending and just want to woo Scott.

You always carry a “Ten Step Ultimate Test” thing that allows you to make the others do whatever you want without complaint. Whoever follows everything is the better boy.


Second Option: Requires higher boldness. Pick this option to start the other events for the secret ending!
You suggest that whoever can punch the sun is the better one!





Step Two

You wonder if anyone is ever going to attempt to punch the Sun when Damien pops up! Damien has researched that the Sun is pretty darn far from and that he needs to have a “spaceship” in order to get there. He doesn’t know where to get one, so he asks you!


Option One: Requires higher smarts.
You suggest he uses WikiHow, the best resource of all!


Option Two: Requires higher boldness.
You suggest he checks out the school spaceship because why wouldn’t our highschool have a spaceship?





Step Three

You and Damien finally have the resources to finally set off to space to punch Sun when the Coven arrives accussing Damien of being the big bad and to try to stop us from punching the Sun! So, Damien asks you to try to get rid them.


Option One: Requires higher creativity.
You make a scroll proving that punching the Sun is a part of an ancient quest.


Option Two: Requires higher charm.
You reveal that the Sun is actually the big bad.





Step Four

You guys finally have everything set up but Damien is hanging back for some reason. He says he really wants to punch the sun, but he questions if it’s a great idea as the suns at least two or three times bigger than the usual things he punches. You need to give some advice to Damien about punching the Sun!


Option One: Requires higher smarts.
You say he must surrender his ego and that you’ll search the internet for advice.


Option Two: Requires higher fun.
You say he needs to suprise the Sun by attacking him at night!





Prom Night!

Now you have to choose who you want to ask to prom! Of course, you’ll have to pick Damien to get his third secret ending. When you ask him, he’ll reject you. Why? Because he is going to punch the sun! You end up dancing alone during Prom, but he comes back at dawn and you get your secret ending.



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