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Monster Prom – Stat Questions

29 April 2018, Sunday, 18:09:13

Stat Questions

The questions appear to be picked at random, so while there is no way to influence which questions you’re going to get, you can at least figure out what stats you can get with those you do get. A simple Ctrl+F search should take you to the question you’re looking for.


Q: You get the chance to produce a movie. It’s based on…
* MONEY: Superheroes.
* BOLDNESS: Explosions.
* FUN: Russion novelists.


Q: The coolest reality show would be…
* CHARM: Potato seduction.
* SMARTS: People in positions of power.
* MONEY: Rich people.


Q: Be a visionary: what will the next big social media craze be?
* CHARMS: Rbert.
* MONEY: Bull$hit.
* SMARTS: Greek Agoras.


Q: If you had to have sex with an animal… which animal would it be?
* CHARMS: Shark.
* SMARTS: Human.


Q: It’s your chance to fix global warming. Go ahead!
* FUN: Sun mission.
* MONEY: World is doomed.
* CREATIVITY: Global warming isn’t real.


Q: If you could put a curse on your worst enemy, what would it do?
* SMARTS: Radiation.
* BOLDNESS: Disguised panther.
* CHARMS: Fad diets.


Q: Democracy is just broken. What would be the best way of choosing the leaders of modern society?
* FUN: America’s Next Top President.
* BOLDNESS: Grizzly bear.
* CREATIVITY: Violin solo.


Q: You wish you were raised by…
* FUN: A mysterious old man.
* MONEY: Wild wolves.
* BOLDNESS: A venomous snake and fire.


Q: Which is the coolest mythological creature?
* MONEY: The invisible hand of the free market.
* FUN: A rapping sphinx.
* CREATIVITY: This weird creature I drew.


Q: Which god do you pray to each night before sleeping?
* SMARTS: Praying is for fools.
* MONEY: All kinds of gods.
* CHARMS: Praying is kind of lame.


Q: A radioactive possum just bit you… what superpower did you get?
* SMARTS: Rabies.
* CREATIVITY: Writing fanfiction.
* CHARMS: Emoji combinations.


Q: What is your spirit emoji?
* FUN: Octopus.
* BOLDNESS: Snowman.
* CREATIVITY: Guy with turban.


Q: You’re elected president for a day. What’s the first law you pass?
* SMARTS: Trivia fact.
* CREATIVITY: Sonnet taxes.
* CHARMS: One dollar bills.


Q: School is outdated and lame. We need a new school subject ASAP!
* CHARMS: Turning people into puppets.
* SMARTS: Critical thought.
* BOLDNESS: Punching a crocodile.


Q: Which inanimate object do you think would make the best girlfriend or boyfriend, provided you went criminally insane?
* FUN: A♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
* CREATIVITY: A human-size pillow.



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You’re missing the “You build a 100ft statue…” question. The answers are:

When your friend stopped you from texting your ex: FUN
That mind blowing twist in your favorite tv show: CREATIVITY
Your least favorite political figure: BOLDNESS


I also have to add that the “if you had to fuck an animal” question can come out with different answers.

Fuck a horse: MONEY
Fuck a dolphin: FUN
Fuck no animal: BOLD