Monster Prom – The Magazine: Date Questions

The Magazine: Date Questions

You find a genie in a bottle. You can ask for whatever you want. What do you ask for?

+ Liam: … Hime to not be so cliched. Genie and wishes… So mainstream!
+ Polly: Infinite contetti!
+ Miranda: A rainbow that you can eat!
+ Scott: … His friendship!
+ Vera: Before asking for anything, you try to negotiate up to the three standard wishes.
+ Damien: I don’t ask for anything. I drink the genie from the bottle. I can grant my own wishes!



What would be the most appealing in a love partner?

+ Liam: Sharp wits.
+ Polly: A taste for party.
+ Miranda: Kawaii eyes.
+ Scott: Soft fur.
+ Vera: A very tsundere personality.
+ Damien: A big… horn.



What’s the sexiest type of knowledge a lover can have?

+ Liam: Obscure 80s movie trivia.
+ Polly: How to make a killer cocktail out of anything.
+ Miranda: Lyrics to all Disney songs.
+ Scott: Sports things.
+ Vera: All the principles to build a financial empire.
+ Damien: How to set stuff on fire.



What criteria would you use to name your children?

+ Liam: A non-heteronormative name to give them freedom to define themselves on their own terms.
+ Polly: Meh… No name? It’s just too much work!
+ Miranda: My name + “II” (the Second).
+ Scott: Something simple and friendly like Bobby or Mary.
+ Vera: I will research for a name that is pun-proof and joke-proof. No one will pick on them.
+ Damien: Just a swear word.



What would be a killer accessory?

+ Liam: Coolness itself.
+ Polly: Sunglasses… At night.
+ Miranda: Shiny armor.
+ Scott: A necklace with your own name… In case you forget!
+ Vera: A fabulous purse made from the skin of your worst enemy.
+ Damien: Fancy brass knuckles.


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