Monsters’ Den: Godfall Epic Relics Guide


Epic Relics

All Epic Relics in Monsters’ Den: Godfall. In this guide you can find their features.



Ancient Engraving


B4D22E50-13F3-4E56-9D8D-12FB12CED925-1363-00000109772991B1 F423E54E-581A-4B5E-BAED-D2ED260047AB-1363-00000109790A91F0


Score 1/5
Stat points only.



Ancient King’s Bust


CB32F986-9DD1-489B-B88E-F4DCE35131E6-1363-00000109E2D97500 0ACEC14D-D70E-4D6A-8FE9-9A80AC56B1B8-1363-00000109E4B9BD59


Score 2/5
Restore after battle is alright if your life/power steal and regeneration is very low.



Argent Orb (Cracked)


989A5098-670F-4158-99D3-2DF59F9F9326-1363-0000010A3B7ABD73 C2C22EB6-F895-4E61-8D65-049CB8E0B5C6-1363-0000010A3BFD8DE6


Score 2/5
-1 to skill power cost is way too low, so is the +3 maximum power. However I will always go for -1 to skill power over power regeneration, in this case Dreadfather’s Mask.



Ashes of the Reformer


A1C5A72E-F0FC-4AF8-AEE3-D13FD72336EF-1363-0000010A8B6996AF C4E24C62-EA30-49CE-AE9B-9AFA80E0CBFE-1363-0000010A8C7FE6CC


Score 1/5
Stat points only.



Bracelet of the Corsair Queen


4855A825-3360-4D28-AB6F-C862D0ECCBFD-1363-0000010ACE2DCCAB B6721501-09F1-47AD-BF20-09D5A79B0EC8-1363-0000010ACD8DD656


Score 1/5
+1% to Critical Hit Chance is too low, unless you are stacking it towards 100% or whatever the cap is.



Broken Statue of the Lady


CC82BA0B-0A6C-4500-9C3F-1AD304189AE6-1363-0000010C2AD3D5E5 2FC92E2B-41B6-4052-A630-85104F1DAC43-1363-0000010C2BF81D24


Score 1/5
Stat points only.



Burial Shround of Vandir


3BC90CCB-CFF4-4FC2-9339-DD9535D4DD41-1363-0000010C79C38818 17EDE625-4645-4C8C-8DFD-E569DFDF9400-1363-0000010C7B7FF546


Score 2/5
+5 maximum power is too low, but I guess is alright if you are running power restore after battle and all the other power management relics.



Charred Wood


02292BCC-1B5C-4C9F-8201-5649DE5AF40F-1363-0000010CC9E39833 168C64E1-A580-4B64-B699-3DDB5771094E-1363-0000010CCCA12EF3


Score 3/5
The flame resistance is nice there are some deadly flame spells that monster will throw at your party.



The Chronicles of Tearha


0D702651-E5B4-4ABF-98C4-C3756D871D9D-1363-0000010D05A5802B C30C0A9B-3D2E-4F21-B411-42150225F4AA-1363-0000010D0792A5F1


Score 5/5 due to the Art vaule, or else 5/5 for Leveling
Power restore after battle and +1% party experience gain are alright for leveling. Since you should have very powerful weapon with the use of Spirit Guide, so the only thing left to do is getting more experience.



Correspondence with the Gods


E6139C13-EE87-40D1-A3BE-0BEC09638AA1-1363-0000010D54E015F7 E5FEA45E-A08A-4061-8AB4-823562DC71F7-1363-0000010D56C1980F


Score 4/5
Mental resistance is much needed because party members killing each other is very bad.



Dreadfather’s Mask


E48A9AD5-CC0C-4662-B9F6-B931E03BCE22-1363-0000010DA265E99A 470BA4FE-DCD9-487C-9997-5EF57F5CB8E6-1363-0000010DA4C500F8


Score 5/5 for nostalgic reason or else 1/5
Use Argent Orb (Cracked) instead.



Figure of Dilaera


401D4F84-98F3-4204-86D3-983F715C7772-1363-0000010DE298E559 B407D6B8-F39A-4290-821B-0E7B4D49E238-1363-0000010DE401D248


Score 1/5
+1% to Critical Hit Chance is too low, unless you are stacking it towards 100% or whatever the cap is.



The First Deception


10237664-C7E7-4FC5-A658-E91B54D53198-1363-0000010E595CA3A6 3F38C86B-8CA0-4912-99DC-13025F08DACA-1363-0000010E5DDCB8D3


Score 1/5
+2 evasion is too low, unless you are stacking it.



Flagstone of Asternath


8BF04885-9A0B-459B-BAA4-B6F4BB9DC245-1363-0000010ED5C7B1F1 0C69DD74-72A0-4302-B0A4-A3E0FAA1AE1C-1363-0000010ED76B29C5


Score 3.5/5
+4 stun evasion is very low, but unlike the games before it is very hard to get stun evasion now.Founder’s Finger is another stun evasion relic.



Forgotten Saint’s Knucklebone


3FD5B600-E5ED-411C-AB56-97ED8C25BA8D-1363-0000010F45D3A0DA CCB7BB3D-12B5-45DD-88F0-3BF808369640-1363-0000010F48363597


Score 4/5
Curse resistance and all other resistance is good.



Founder’s Finger


0EF0411A-28A0-4A0D-BA13-869219E4A9C1-1363-0000010F8F686F27 D03E01D7-9A61-48EB-93F7-A261CFEBD75C-1363-0000010F91D44B72


Score 3.5/5
+5 stun evasion is very low, but unlike the games before it is very hard to get stun evasion now.
Flagstone of Asternath is another stun evasion relic.



Grail of Divine Wrath


D8AC5941-70DA-4C2A-884D-D1EBBDAC82E0-1363-0000010FDAE380BB 360307FE-076A-40BD-AFEA-568C455C0212-1363-0000010FDC38541B


Score 4/5
Poison resistance this time and you should know my stand by now.



Hero’s Callstone


710BC3AC-4B8E-45D7-AEF3-EF9884AEB134-1363-00000110296C9D34 78893551-740F-45B0-A870-11BC3213BCDD-1363-000001102D280BF7


Score 5/5
In a turn based game where turns is not determined by initiative but rather by quickness, then quickness is King.



Illuminated Manuscript


01F2E3E3-29DA-4FC8-9CAB-11FDDA1E320C-1363-00000110BDB51B34 3FA6747A-E6D6-46F5-A6C3-3463D167B81F-1363-00000110C4949671


Score 1/5
2% chance of free skill is too low and unreliable.



Lock of Odessa’s Hair


6930B3C9-A9B1-46BD-BE85-35C4EBEB97EA-1363-000001110888B6FB 55208428-D1A1-41B5-84ED-58A90C230395-1363-000001110ACDC211


Score 1/5
Stat points only.



Martyr’s Prayer Beads


8AA4565E-C8F4-411F-B042-C284F4842164-1363-0000011150B53777 472F997C-4678-4961-8641-4F1B5B57E103-1363-000001115213340E


Score 2.5/5
I like resistance but 5% magic resistance is low and they do not come with coditions, wound or whatever if I remember correctly.



Mourning Glory


1735A11E-E0B9-480C-A668-62F5C82BBBA7-1363-000001119A08E92C ED4C3752-B73D-44E4-8DA9-C7DECD8DEB17-1363-000001119B3182C6


Score 5/5 for playing on words and if you are doing undead dungeon, or else 1/5
Very situational.



Remnant of Empire


194BA509-5A58-4226-AE7D-871C480F6CA2-1363-00000111EF7AEDB5 70AB86EF-ABF1-4923-9167-96E8AA87ED21-1363-00000111F1701913


Score 2/5
Good for leveling or if your party’s life/power steal and regeneration is very low.



Stone of Punishment


4EF41300-8A9E-4490-B66C-D3E22ABA4524-1363-000001127C540081 218C242D-6B67-4130-9ECA-AE98C91EDC61-1363-000001127E62B316


Score ?/5
Not sure how defense rating works.



Worn Odessan Amulet


5069558F-D216-422B-8F84-6E894D722C08-1363-00000112D40D993E 1E82750E-758C-4EF5-82A9-2509956062F1-1363-00000112D5CC514A


Score 4/5
Two resistances.

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