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MonsterxMan: Inheritance To Lust – Tips & Tricks

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Tips & Tricks

1. You can interact with pretty much everything! (Double/triple checks are encouraged!)


2. Look for areas you can exploit! There are some interesting things hiding!


3. Halloween of 17 and 18 are very important dates!


4. The release date is also very important!


5. Did you blow it trying to recruit a monster girl? No worries! Just escape and try again!


6. There’s an old man willing to part with a coin case, if you give him the time for conversation.


7. The tutorial is recommended, but not mandatory, you can simply enter and leave.


8. In the battle zone, a secret place will open up…but only if you can recruit the monsters there!


9. Check out plants and bushes! Sometimes they have hidden surprises!


10. You really shouldn’t go to the Red Dungeon underleveled or without three party members.


11. The beginning is the end, and the end is the beginning; remember this!


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