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Moss – Vive Controls

Vive Controls

What are the Vive Controls?

Vive Controller Reference Image:




Vive Controller Tips:

–Use the tip of your thumb instead of your whole thumb on the touch pad
–The Vive touch pad does not detect touch or click inputs consistently at its edges; do not use the edge for gameplay input
–The controllers may switch sides if turned off and on again while in the game, if this happens simply switch the controllers so the controllers are in the correct hands again

If there are issues with the track pad, re-calibrating the controller may help.



Calibrate Vive Controller

1. Go to SteamVR > Right click on the controller icon > Calibrate controller
2. A new window will pop up, as this is the Calibrate Track pad assistant.
3. Click Next and do not touch the track pad surface while it runs.
4. The assistant will finish the calibration and show a confirmation once complete.
5. Restart SteamVR


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