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Nantucket – Builder Achievement Guide

26 January 2018, Friday, 1:40:20


Builder Achievement

5126AEAE-7512-47A4-95DF-E1B537548625 Builder
Create 5 safe docks

This achievement is really easy to get because it’s cumulative, meaning that you don’t need to create 5 safedocks in a single savefile: you can just create one safe dock, reload your save, create another one and so on until you earn this achievement.

Creating safe docks requires two things: having a level ≥ 5 Helmsman and 30 wood barrels per safe dock. As soon as your captain has enough prestige to hire said crew member, do so and then buy as many wood barrels as possible. Next, save near a mainland location and build as many safe docks as possible, then reload your save and repeat the process as many times as necessary to earn the achievement.


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