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NBA 2K18 Cheat Codes

23 September 2017, Saturday, 3:53:42


NBA 2K18 Locker Codes

To unlock the codes, players will need to go to the main menu and access “Options.” From there, players need to choose “Features,” and then “Locker Codes,”.


PAYRESPECT – Unlocks the blue, red, and white ABA ball.



Free VC Glitch

Note: This glitch was performed on an unpatched version of the game. It is likely to eventually get patched.

— Let’s go by steps —

1 – First off go to MyTeam and don’t forget how much VC you got (ex: 1.000 VC)
2 – Go to MyGM/MyLeague and START a new MyLeague (you can choose any team you want)
3 – Go to options / MyLeague Settings and put the Quarter minutes up to 12 (Both simulated/played)
4 – Go to options / Settings and put the difficulty on Hall of Fame (HoF)
5 – Simulate your first game with “Simulate with simcast live” only not with “Simulate with simcast”
6 – Wait until your team scores 2 points or 3 points.
7 – Go to “Quit” and then “Simulate to the End” (it doesn’t matter if you win or lose you still get the VC)
8 – Go Back to MyTeam and watch the VC you gained.


WARNING: After doing this always change the minutes by -1 (ex: first time you used 12 now you use 11 minutes) do this method until 1 min per quarter. Then wait 10 minutes before doing the same method…..Enjoy the free VC.


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