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NBA 2K18 – How to DEFEND – Guide

21 September 2017, Thursday, 20:27:39



-Find your perfect “defending distance” for your opponent
-Keep the distance
-Stay in front
-Track your opponent


Find your perfect “defending distance” for your opponent
Figure out what the guy your guarding is good at. Set your “defending distance” according to that. If he is a good shooter, stay close to him. If he is a good driver, stay further away to cover the drive. The better of a shooter he is, the closer you need to defend him. The worse a shooter he is, the further away you can stay from him and focus on covering the drive.



Keep the distance
Your opponent obviously moves around the court. You remember your “defending distance” you decided for? Keep that distance at all points. If your opponents attacks the hoop, back down. If he goes further away, close out the distance so your back at perfect “defending distance”.



Stay in front
In addition to your distance, you need to stay in front of your opponent at all times. No matter how close or “not-close” you guard him, stay in front. The second your sideways or behind your opponent, he has a huge advantage and is likely to score. So always try to stay in front. Thats also, why you want to guard your guy as far away as his capabilities allow you to do.



Track your opponent
And finally, track him. Always keep the relative position to your opponent the same. If he moves to the left, you do, if he moves to the right, you do. Try to stay in front of him and defend at your “defending distance” at all times, and you’ve got your tracking down.

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