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NBA 2K21 – Advanced Passing Guide

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Advanced Passing

While passing may sound as simple as pressing  X/A button to pass the ball from one pas to another, NBA 2K20’s advanced passing system has a few different ways it can be done.


Pass TypeButton (PS4/Xbox One/ Switch)
Normal PassX/A/B
Bounce PassCircle/B/A
Fake PassTriangle/Y/X
Jump PassSquare+X/X+A/Y+B
Icon PassR1 + Specific Player
Flashy PassDouble Tap Circle/B/A
Alley OopDouble Tap Triangle/Y/X
Basket PassHold Triangle/Y/X
Touch PassX Before First Player Gets the Ball
Pro Stick PassHold R1 + Move Right Stick in a Direction
Give and GoHold X Until Caught, Move Off Ball Holding X, Then Release


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