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NBA 2K21 – Defense / Rebounding Badges Guide

Defense / Rebounding Badges (20)

BOX – Improves player’s ability to box out opponents. Strengthens a player’s ability to effectively box out opponents in anticipation of a rebound.


BRICK WALL – Increases effectiveness of screens and drains energy from opponents on physical contact. This badge makes it tougher for the defense to get through or around screens. Players hit by contact from a Brick Wall lose more energy than normal.


CHASE DOWN ARTIST – Raises the chances of getting a chase-down block. Boosts the speed and leaping ability of a player when he is chasing down an offensive player in anticipation of a block attempt.


CLAMPS – Boosts the ability to stay in front of the ball handler on the perimeter. Defenders have access to quicker cut off moves and are more successful when bumping or hip riding the ball handler.


DEFENSIVE LEADER – Boosts the defensive abilities of teammates when in the game.

Lifts the defensive abilities of teammates when on the court. Also, at the Hall of Fame level, can see potential shot percentages of opposing players.


HEART CRUSHER – Decreases opponents’ Takeover meters when achieving a highlight play on defense. After successfully blocking or stealing the ball from an opponent, an additional penalty is given to the opposing player’s Takeover meter.


INTERCEPTOR – Increases chances at getting steals in passing lanes. The frequency of successfully tipped or intercepted passes greatly increases.


INTIMIDATOR – Intimidates offensive players causing them to miss shots more often. Offensive players have less success shooting when contested by players with this badge. Also boosts the shot defense ratings when tightly guarding an opponent.


LIGHTNING REFLEXES – Receives an earlier cue on the Read and React system while playing defense. Gives the defender an advantage to read where the ball handler is going in the Read and React system.


MOVING TRUCK – Strengthens a defender’s ability to move people around in the post. Players are more effective pushing opponents out of the post while playing defense.


OFF-BALL PEST – Improves a player’s ability to bump and harass the offense off the ball. Makes players more difficult to get past when playing off-ball, as they can grab and hold their matchup and don’t get their ankles broken as often.


PICK DODGER – Improves a player’s ability to navigate through screens effectively on defense.


PICK POCKET – Improves a player’s ability to steal the ball from a ball handler. Increases the chances of a steal and reduces the chances of a foul when attempting to strip the ball from a ball handler. Also improves the chances of successful layup strips.


POGO STICK – Improves the ability to attempt multiple blocks in succession. Allows players to quickly go back up for another block attempt upon landing.


POST MOVE LOCKDOWN – Improves the defender’s ability to defend post moves. Increases the chances of a defender preventing an offensive post move from succeeding.


REBOUND CHASER – Improves a player’s ability to chase down rebounds. Improves a player’s ability to track down rebounds from farther distances than normal.


RIM PROTECTOR – Improves ability to block shots, gives boost to the Takeover meter for blocker/teammates. Improves player’s ability to block shots, unlocks special block animations and gives boost to the Takeover meter for the blocker and blocker’s teammates following a block.


TIRELESS DEFENDER – Reduces the energy lost when exerting effort on defense. Allows defenders to play defense more aggressively without losing energy at the same rate as a normal player.


TRAPPER – Makes life difficult for the offensive players when trapped. When trapping offensive players, defenders are more effective at forcing pick ups and turnovers than normal.


WORM – Allows rebounders to swim or spin around box outs more easily. When boxed out, rebounders have more success swimming around and getting into successful rebound position.


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