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NBA 2K21 MyREP Rewards Guide

MyREP Rewards

The following are all the tiers of MyREP rewards associated with different ranks:


Rookie Level I

  • Unlocks all the hair colors at Doc’s


  • Ability to customize jerseys at the NBA store


  • Ability to wear accessories in the Neighborhood


  • Buy hats and blings from Swag’s


  • Tier 1 emotes


  • Buy skateboard, beach cruiser, and scooter



Rookie Level II

  • Buy exclusive arm accessory from Swag’s



Rookie Level III

  • Customize MyCOURT backboard



Pro Level I

  • Tier 2 emote


  • Unlock skateboard, beach cruiser, and scooter emotes


  • Neighborhood gameplay animations


  • Legend jerseys at the NBA store


  • Tier 1 players


  • Low rider


  • Buy eyewear and backpacks



Pro Level II

  • Iron Wall badge


  • Buy exclusive arm accessory from Swag’s



Pro Level III

  • Customize MyCOURT scoreboard



All-Star Level I

  • Tier 3 emotes


  • Tier 2 player panels


  • Additional gameplay animations


  • Extra low rider animations


  • Pack Handles – Park Dribble moves in The Neighborhood


  • Hoverboard



All-Star Level II

  • Screen Crusher badge


  • Exclusive arm accessory


  • Exclusive eyewear



All-Star Level III

  • Unlock DJ equipment for The Neighborhood


  • Customize MyCOURT floors


  • Build your own ball in The Neighborhood


  • Customize MyCOURT mural



Superstar Level I

  • Ability to run around shirtless


  • Additional gameplay animations


  • Hoverboard animations


  • Tattoos for neck, back, and chest


  • Ability to spin the wheel twice


  • Trike becomes available at Wheels


  • Tier 4 emotes



Superstar Level II

  • Nothing Easy mode


  • Gym Rat badge



Superstar Level III

  • My own entrance!


  • MyCOURT mini-basketball game


  • Penthouse



Elite Level I

  • Tier 3 player panels


  • Tier 5 emotes


  • Trike animations


  • Ability to spin the Elite Wheel



Elite Level II

  • Create your own t-shirt


  • Takeover Booster



Elite Level III

  • Buy and shoot off fireworks


  • Chance to earn double VC


  • Buy mascots and Elite clothing items




  • Arrive in style


  • +10 badge points in every category


  • Legend player panel


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