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NBA 2K22 – How to Activate Team Takeover

How to Activate Team Takeover

The Takeover Meter will be blazing at the top of the screen after you’ve maxed it out. To activate it, press the Right Thumbstick in, after which you’ll see a large flashing “Team Takeover” on the screen. Every player on your team will be on fire once it is activated. You can control every player on the team in Team Takeover mode. Rather than simply controlling your player, you may also control the other four players on the screen.


Do nice things on the court, and the Takeover meter will grow. Making shots, dishing out assists, playing defense, and grabbing rebounds all contribute to the Takeover meter. Turning the ball over, allowing your guy to score on you, or hitting poor shots will cause the Takeover meter to drop.


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