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NBA 2K22’s Best Finishing Badges Guide

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NBA 2K22’s Best Finishing Badges

The following are the top badges for becoming a top NBA 2K22 finisher:


  • Unstrippable: The ability to better secure the ball when gathering for a layup or dunk in traffic.


  • Slithery Finisher:¬†Enhances a player’s ability to attack the hoop without making contact. Improves a player’s ability to slip through traffic and avoid contact during rebounds and rim finishes.


  • Fancy Footwork: Improves your euro-steps, turn-lines, and jump-steps using fancy footwork. This badge activates animations in these exceptional formations, allowing you to sneak past your defender for an easy bucket near the basket.


  • Lob City Finisher: Increases the chance of a successful alley-oop dunk or layup. Improves a player’s ability to finish an alley-oop layup or dunk successfully. Before the receiver lands, the shot must be released.


  • Pro Touch: Provides an extra boost for having superb layup timing. Gives an additional shot boost for slightly early, slightly late, or perfect layup shot timing.


  • Posterizer: A top-tier badge for dunk-capable builds. Activates a variety of contact dunks and generally assists you in becoming a highly effective slasher.


Please keep in mind that the build of your player and the style you play the game have great importance in badge selection.


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