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Need for Speed Payback – Journal

5 November 2017, Sunday, 2:16:34



Open Journal to see how you’re progressing in the game.

Missions – Find your progress in the Missions that you’ve done.
Activities – See how many jumps, speed runs, and more you’ve accomplished.
Collectibles – Here’s where you’ll see how many of the House’s Billboards you’ve wrecked and all of the Gambler’s Chips you’ve collected.
Roaming Racers – You’ll find the racers you’ve challenged in Free Roam here, as well as your progression within their Racer Clubs..
Driver Details – Progression, customization, world, outlaw
Progression – See how long you’ve been playing the game for, how much Cash you’ve earned, how many Side Bets you’ve completed, and your current Rep amount.
Customization – Check out how much time you’ve spent customizing your rides.
World – View your in-game accomplishments and your top stats.
Outlaw – Been on the run? See how much time you’ve been in chase, how many Pursuers you’ve wrecked, and how many times you’ve gotten busted.


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