Nex Machina Achievements




Why are you running?!


Not in my house
Save a human while it’s being harvested


Reach a human combo of 5


Look at me go
Complete a feat


Complete Techno Forest in arcade mode on any difficulty


Behold, for he goes up to eleven


They died for a cause


I was frozen today
Complete Crystal Mountain in arcade mode on any difficulty


It’s a secret to everyone
Discover a secret level


Burnt offerings
Complete Fire Caverns in arcade mode on any difficulty


Conquering dystopia
Complete Machine City in arcade mode on any difficulty


Utterly experimental
Complete Future Labs in arcade mode on any difficulty


Complete Arcade mode on Rookie difficulty


Bronze challenger
Earn 3 bronze medals in the Arena


Look mom!


No hands!


Silver challenger
Earn 6 silver medals in the Arena


Dank beams


Doing it
Succeed in 10 end-level minigames in a row on any difficulty


No touching
Clear a single world on Experienced difficulty or higher without getting hit


Gold challenger
Earn 9 gold medals in the Arena




Storm Runner
Beat Machine City on Experienced difficulty in under 5:45


Complete a single world on Experienced difficulty without saving any humans


I’m special, you’re special!


The Orbital Throne


Someone must construct additional beacons
Destroy every Secret Beacon in a single world


Getting there
Complete 50 feats


Because I can
Clear a single world while succeeding in every end-level minigame on any difficulty




Complete Arcade mode on Experienced difficulty


Deal a killing blow to a boss with a Sword attack


Complete Techno Forest on Master difficulty


Complete 100 feats


-10+9*8-7*6+5*4+3^2+1 = 50
Reach a human combo of 50


Last line of defense
Save all Humans and Secret Humans in a single world on Veteran difficulty


Complete Arcade mode on Veteran difficulty


I’m prioritizing!
Defeat the Beamtron on Experienced difficulty with one or more enemies still alive


Nex Platinum
Complete all achievements


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