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Next Day: Survival – How To Repair Cars And Get Them Running

21 July 2017, Friday, 14:31:32


How To Repair Cars And Get Them Running

Setting Up / Aquiring Parts
Aquire or Purchase the following:

Toolkit – 5,200 p
Storage Battery – 3,000 p
Spark Plugs – 1,500 p
Fuel Canister – 910 p
Ignition Keys – 700 p


Find a Car
I found mine at the small house in the bottom right corner of B6. I am not sure if this is a persistant spawn or just the spawn for this server. This spot is also used for a mission so there may be 3 looters here. There is also a wolf that spawns in the area so be careful.


Refuel The Canister
Refuel the fuel canister. There is a fuel station manned by 2 looters. This is located in the center of grid D5 at the T Junction.


Repair The Car
Repair the car by approaching the rear driver side. Press F to repair the car. This will consume the toolkit.


Refuel The Car
Refuel the car, this is the rear passenger side of the car next to where you repaired the car. This will refuel the car to about 14-15 fuel.


Adding the Battery, Sparkplugs & Keys
Enter the car and press Tab or your inventory bind. Put the Battery, Spark Plugs and the Keys into its respective slot.


Start The Car
Press E to start and stop the car.

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Name : omgomgomg | Comment Date : July 25th, 2017

where else can we get fuel aside from D5?

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