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Next Day: Survival Weapons Guide

26 July 2017, Wednesday, 13:30:33



Makeshift Rifle
The makeshift rifle is one of the only craftable weapons in the game it uses 9×19 mm ammunition and can only hold a single shot. It is more powerful than the only other weapon that uses the same ammo type (the Makarov) which is a pistol. It can be crafted very easily and the materials are provided to you shortly after starting the game to craft it. It is also rather valuable and can be sold for about 750 rubles to most traders.


As mentioned earlier the Makarov is a pistol that uses the 9×19 mm ammunition and is arguably the weakest firearm in the game, that being said it does have it’s upsides. It holds 8 shots and has an average reload time. It isn’t very valuable but i see it in use by newer players rather frequently.


PP 1901
The PP 1901 is a fully automatic SMG that uses the 9×19 mm ammunition. wait, didn’t i say that only the makarov and makeshift rifle use that ammo type? Yes, but this is a bit strange. Since the PP uses 30 round magazines rather than 1-8 there ends up being a different type of magazine and box ammo, i think that normal stacks of 3 rounds work universally for these 3 guns though. Imagine the PP as a sort of weaker AKM, a bit cheaper as well.


Definitely the most common weapon in the game, the AKM uses the 7.62 ammunition and is capable of taking down every foe without too much effort on your part, as long as you can aim that is. It is also rather cheap for many shopkeepers, and the main questline will earn you one for free, so acquiring one shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

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