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Ni no Kuni™ II: Revenant Kingdom – God of War Achievement Guide

3 April 2018, Tuesday, 9:41:02

God of War Achievement

For this achievement you must do 50 unique skirmishes. Simply replaying one Skirmish over and over does not count towards the achievement, nor does Hard Mode count.




Main Scenario Skirmishes

Chapter 3 – The Town that Tempted Fate
Chapter 4 – Ferdinand, Mighty Ferdinand
Chapter 5 – The Sea Queen’s Curse
Chapter 9 – To Be a King

Total: 4 Skirmishes



Side Quest Skirmishes

Side Quest 022 – Long Mein, Ardent Guardsman [Chapter 5]
Side Quest 031 – Bandits at the Border [Chapter 5]
Side Quest 034 – Going at it with Goldpaw [Chapter 5]
Side Quest 051 – Speio, Priestess in Training [Chapter 6]
Side Quest 061 – Fangs for Everything [Chapter 7, must have completed Side Quest 052]
Side Quest 062 – Skirmish with the Sea’s Finest [Chapter 7, must have completed Side Quest 053]
Side Quest 074 – Price’s Delayed Delivery [Chapter 7]
Side Quest 090 – Tyran 4 Evermore [Chapter 7, must have completed Side Quest 031]
Side Quest 092 – Big Unveiling in Broadleaf [Chapter 7, must have completed Side Quest 073]
Side Quest 118 – Building Up to an Attack [Chapter 8]
Side Quest 122 – Ya Pi, the Proud Soldier [Chapter 9]
Side Quest 124 – Callianeira, Priestess of Water [Chapter 9, must have completed Side Quest 051]
Side Quest 138 – Marlene, Good Girl Gone Bad [Chapter 9]
Side Quest 144 – The Dark Side of Development [Chapter 9]
Side Quest 147 – The Bandits are Back… Again! [Chapter 9, must have completed Side Quest 090]
Side Quest 152 – Ding-Dong vs. Ding Dong Bell [Chapter 9, must have completed Side Quest 130]

Total: 16 Skirmishes



Open-World Skirmishes

Note: You may have already completed some of these Skirmishes due to a Side Quest or Main Quest. This section is only listing which Skirmishes are available on the open world map and not necessarily if you have already done them or not.


Ding Dong Dell

Lv4 Wallop Whamsters
Lv41 Bag that Brute Bruce!
Lv46 Joint Exercise: Code Green
Lv48 Whamster Base Obliteration



Lv3 Here Come the Whamsters!
Lv5 Invaders of Evermore I
Lv7 Batter Those Bandits
Lv8 Special Delivery: Forest of Niall
Lv11 Invaders of Evermore II
Lv17 Invaders of Evermore III
Lv25 Invaders of Evermore IV
Lv35 Invaders of Evermore V
Lv42 Invaders of Evermore VI
Lv49 Invaders of Evermore VII



Lv9 Fabricas’s Fortlets
Lv14 Joint Exercise: Code Yellow
Lv16 Criminal Capture: Bandit Gang


Leucippes’ Labyrinth

Lv20 Whamsters Wanting Wizardry
Lv24 Joint Exercise: Code Blue



Lv33 March of the Wyverns
Lv34 Sandy Survey Party Rescue
Lv40 Whamelie Feud III
Lv55 Joint Exercise: Desert Strike



Lv26 Bots Gone Bonkers
Lv28 Joint Exercise: Metal Test
Lv30 Escort Mission: Shock and Ore
Lv32 The Battle for Broadleaf


Jack Frost’s Playground

Lv27 The Frosty Fortress
Lv28 Whamelie Feud I
Lv29 Snowy Survey Party Rescue
Lv30 Survey Party Protection
Lv33 Whamelie Feud II
Lv50 Joint Exercise: Winter Warfare

Total: 33 Skirmishes



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