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Ni no Kuni Wrath of the White Witch™ Remastered Cheats

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Free & Easy Money

You can get a decent sum of money for free early on in the game. Upon your first visit to the familiar retreat you will receive a one time gift of 3 drops for each sign + 3 Great Sage’s secret. The latter are essentially elixir type of items which restore all your HP and MP and as we all know will they are too good to ever be used so you might as well just sell them.


Luckily for us each of them sells for a whopping 6000 guilders. Yes, 6000. And you get 3 of them at a point in time where you have only aqcuired about 4000.



Battle Tips & Tricks

1) Use L2 and R2 to navigate the battle menus.

At the start you will likely use your D-pad to navigate those but the downside is that it will hinder your ability to move as your left thumb can’t be on the control stick and D-pad at the same. Which bring us to the next point.



2) Keep moving during battle.

Ni no Kuni is a mix of turn-based elements and actions based combat. Do not get into the habit of just standing there and mashing the attack button as this can easily get you killed even in normal encounters. Movement is key for a number of reason:


  • -you can bait out attacks to gain time to cast a spell without taking damage


  • -you can entirely dodge certain attacks that would otherwise hit you


  • -you can gain time while waiting for a command that is currently on cooldown (healing e.g.)


  • -you can pick up orbs before they disappear (especially helpful in boss battles)


  • -some bosses can only be damaged from behind


  • -probably more clever situations I can’t think of right now



3) Steal from bosses.

Without spoiling too much you will get the ability later in the game to steal items from enemies. While nightmares and bounties never carry items to steal, bosses always carry items that are worthwhile stealing.



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