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Nidhogg 2 PC Controls

14 August 2017, Monday, 14:19:32


PC Controls

You may change your key configuration.


Lateral Movement: Left and Right
Duck: Down | S
Jump: G (I recommend changing this to Space)
Roll: Down while moving
Crawl: Move left or right while ducking
Get Up: Left or Right while knocked down
Raise Sabre: Up | W
Lower Sabre: Down | S
Pick Up Sabre: Down | S
Lunge: F
Prepare Sabre for Throwing: Hold Up or W beyond the highest sabre position
Throw Sabre: F while sabre is held aloft
Instantly Throw Sabre: Up and F simultaneously
Dive-Kick: F while in the air
Trip: F while crouched
Punch: F while disarmed
Snap Neck: F while opponent is downed
En Garde Stance: Run left and then hold right, while continuing to hold left. Or vice versa.

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