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Niffelheim – Tips to Kill the Invaders

26 September 2018, Wednesday, 15:22:35

Tips to Kill the Invaders

-You will always have multiple attackers, so always use the “f” key to attack. When you do this, the one you have hit will break away from the group and move slightly closer to you. The others will continue to attack your castle, so you will only be injured by the one you struck.



-The skeletons are not very difficult, if you fight one at a time, and keep your health up.



-Skeletons are very SLOW so you can retreat from them if you take too many hits. However, they will follow you, or return the castle – you must defeat them sooner or later! But you can retreat and heal – or even retreat and kill some rabbits or birds for food if you somehow get caught with none on you. Unless you have skeletons attacking both sides at once, you can kill or gather food from the other side–just watch your castle’s health!



-As you get better equipment, some levels in Warrior, and build up your castle, you will defeat the skeletons more easily.



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