Night in the Woods How to Get the Mysterious Tooth?



Follow these steps to get mysterious tooth.

Getting the tooth
1. Inside Mae’s house there is a bookshelf in the second floor at the back. Jump over the stairs to get to it each day in the morning to check it. Eventually Mae will find a code in the bookshelf.

2. The other thing you need to do is check the crawlspace so Mae discovers it blocked. After this is done, check with Mae’s dad at the end of each day, and watch tv with him. He will move the boxes in the crawlspace eventually.

3. Go into the crawlspace to the hidden area and collect the tooth.


Information about the tooths origin can be found in the library visit with Bae. In the historic news clippings area there is a clipping about the origins of the tooth and how the ownership of the tooth indicates that Mae’s grandfather was a member of a secret workers resistence in the early days of Possum Springs.


The tooth can be given to Mae’s dad in the epilogue for some extra dialog with him. You will give it to him when you meet Mae’s dad right outside the house and he talks about his job.

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