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Nights of Azure 2 PC Keyboard Controls Guide

24 October 2017, Tuesday, 17:07:23


PC Keyboard Controls

The standart control settings for combat.



Movement – WASD


Strong Attack – I


Normal Attack – J


Jump – K


Dodge – E + WASD


Guard – Q


Lock On – H


Striker Servan / Tricker Servan – U / O


Leader Skill – Q + Arrow Keys


Party Commands – Arrow Keys


Camera Controls – RTYG


Double Chase – A linked attack between Aluche and her Lily (only under certain conditions)


Active Skill – Activate Lily Skill – L + I


Lily Burst – An ultimate attack performed by Aluche and her accompanying Lily (Usable when the Tension Gauge is full) – Q +L


Menu – Enter


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