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Nioh Easy Purple Items and Exotic Forge Materials Guide

16 February 2017, Thursday, 20:52:26


Easy purple items and exotic forge materials
This trick is best done with another player to maximize the amount of items you can farm. If you want to play with friends, all players need to complete a mission and then go to the Torii Gate. Select the desired mission and team up to start the mission together. The important part is the mission you choose, and it varies depending on your location and level. In the earlier stages, you do not need to farm too much. You can get most of the powerful armor sets relatively easily, but later in the game you need a lot of rare resources to improve gear and use features such as Soul Match and Reforge. Choose a mission that is relatively short, typically a sub mission since they are quicker and less confusing to finish. For example, try “The Okehazama Incident” sub mission in the Tokai region, but any slightly challenging mission works fine. Look for Revenants, which are the swords on the ground you can interact with to summon other players. You can get a quick glance at their equipment before summoning. Try to target those with at least half their equipment being purple. Most of the Revenants you summon can be killed in 1-2 hits using a the “Sloth” scroll and “Guardian Spirit” Talisman (if you are using one of the powerful Guardian Spirits). Make sure to equip any items/accessories that give an increased drop rate chance. There is also a “Luckbringer” Talisman you can craft. Farm higher level Revenants with purple and better gear for a while, then complete the mission. In about 20-30 minutes, you can get over 100 purple items and nearly 1,000,000 Amrita to use for leveling up. Some of the Exotic materials you can gather using this method include Tamahagane, Wood, Ingot, Lacquer, Spirit Iron Chunk, Spirit Iron Fragments, and more.

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